Tim Cook greets customers in Istanbul as Apple Watch launches in 3 new countries

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As expected, Apple Watch launched today in three new countries. Starting today, Apple’s wearable is available in Turkey, Russia, and New Zealand. This expansion comes after a launch in seven new countries earlier this month. Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Istanbul, Turkey to celebrate the launch and took to his Twitter account to share his experience.

Cook tweeted that the company saw a great turnout for the launch of Apple Watch in Turkey and shared an image of an Apple Store worker helping a customer try-on the device.

In Turkey, Apple Watch starts at 1.249,00 TL for the Sport model and increases for each subsequent model. In New Zealand, Apple Watch Sport starts at NZ$ 599 and increases to NZ$ 699 for the 42mm model. Finally, in Russia, the device starts at 23 990.00 py6 for the Sport model.

You can see Tim Cook’s tweet below:

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