How to Track a MoneyGram Money Order

MoneyGram is an ideal way to send money because payment is always guaranteed for the recipient and the sender’s banking information is never exposed. If you have recently sent someone a MoneyGram money order for any reason, it is a good idea to learn how to track MoneyGram money orders so you can ensure that your recipient received and cashed it.


Locating Your Serial Number

  1. Keep your receipt and stub. When you fill out your MoneyGram money order, there will be a stub at the top that can be easily removed from the money order. Before sending the money order, remove this stub along the perforated line. This stub will act as your proof of purchase. It also contains the money order number.
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    • Keep a copy of the money order, too. This helps you track the money order and will be needed if you have to report a lost or stolen money order.
    • Put the stub, receipt, and copy in a safe place that is easy to access, like a file folder in your desk, a safe, or filing cabinet.
    • Make sure the documents can’t be found or seen by other people. They might have sensitive information on them.
    • Remember where you’ve put these documents. Write down the locations if you have to.
  2. Locate the MoneyGram serial number. All MoneyGrams have a unique identification number specifically used for tracking money orders. The MoneyGram order number is typically located on the left edge of the MoneyGram stub. The number will be in red or black ink. You will find the number in the upper right corner near the date of purchase.[1]
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    • Write down your serial number. This can help you track your MoneyGram if you lose your receipt or need to shred it.
    • Keep your serial number written down without identifying what it is. Put it by your computer, phone, in your wallet, or desk for safekeeping.
    • Give the number to the person you are sending money to so they can also track the MoneyGram.
  3. Fill out a Lost Serial Number form if you lose the number. The MoneyGram website provides a printable form to fill out so you can retrieve the number. Having MoneyGram track down your lost number will cost a $ 40 non-refundable fee and take six to eight weeks.
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    • You should only do this if you have lost your stub with the serial number on it. Even then, don’t request a serial number replacement unless you need the number for something, like a refund or claim. If the money order arrives without a problem, you won’t need the number, so don’t waste your money or time requesting a new one.
    • This service must be done through the mail. You can’t fill out the form over the phone or on the internet. You must print out a copy of the form and mail it in.
    • If you don’t know whether or not the money order was cashed, this service may not be useful for you.

Tracking Your MoneyGram

  1. Call MoneyGram. To track a MoneyGram order, you must call the service. Their toll-free tracking number is 1-800-542-3590.[2] This is a free service.
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    • This number is an automated system, which is always available (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
    • You cannot track MoneyGrams online. You must call the service instead.
  2. Enter the money order serial number. When you call the MoneyGram tracking line, you will have to provide the money order serial number.[3] Listen to the instructions, and then using the number pad, enter the serial number exactly as it is listed on the stub.
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    • If you make a mistake, you can re-enter the number.
    • If you encounter difficulties, check that you have the correct serial number.
  3. Enter the amount of the money order. After entering your money order serial number, the automated service will prompt you to enter the dollar amount of the money order.[4] You cannot track the money order without knowing the exact amount of the money order.
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    • Make sure you enter the exact amount of the money order. If you use an approximate amount, the automated system will not be able to locate your order.
    • Double check the amount if you are having any problems.
  4. Listen for the status of your money order. After entering the exact amount, listen to any other automated instructions. If you have entered the correct serial number and dollar amount, the system should tell you when the money order was cashed. [5]
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    • If the money order has not been cashed yet, the system will inform you.
  5. Contact the recipient. If you want to follow up with your money order, contact the person or company to whom you sent the money order. They can tell you whether or not they received it and when they plan on cashing it.
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    • Some companies or people may receive the money order but wait to cash it. If this is the case, you want to contact the recipient before requesting a claim or refund on the money order.
  6. Wait at least two weeks. Since you are sending your money order through the mail, wait at least 2 weeks for the money order to arrive. If it has been less than two weeks, the money order may not have had time to arrive to the location yet. Wait at least three weeks before submitting any claim forms.
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  7. Submit a claim form. If it has been over 2-3 weeks and your recipient still has not received the money order, you can fill out a MoneyGram claim card. This claim form has to be mailed to MoneyGram and cannot be completed via the phone or on the internet. To have the claim processed, you must include a non-refundable $ 15 fee. It may take 30-60 days to process your claim.
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    • If the money order has not been cashed, you will be issued a refund. To receive a refund, the claim card must be filled out completely, including your signature at the bottom.
    • If the money order has been cashed, a photocopy of the money order will be sent to you.[6]
    • Incomplete or illegible claim forms can delay or prevent your claim from getting processed.
  8. Request a photocopy of the cashed money order. If your money order has been cashed, you can request a photocopy to find out who cashed it. You will receive a copy of the money order which includes both the front and back, showing who endorsed it and cashed it.[7] You can request a photocopy through the claim card. This process costs a non-refundable $ 15 fee and can take 30-65 days.
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    • If your money order has been cashed but your recipient says they never received it, request a photocopy. Once you have proof that someone other than your recipient cashed the money order, contact MoneyGram customer service.

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